Surfing Unicorn Story

On a dark and stormy night.......

No, seriously, it wasn't! It was a fun day out at my place! A pool party, with face painting! Why? because you can still have fun, every single day!

The Surfing Unicorn was born in Helensvale, Australia, to a Surf Witch (more about that soon) in 2019.



I'm Jennifer Jefferies, The Present Day Wise Woman, founder of The Q Foundation, a Surf Witch, a psychedelic, peace and brown rice loving hippie and a passionate, adventurous traveler.

I started surfing when my assistant Shane suggested four years ago that we should give surfing a crack. He was in his 20’s and since I choose to live a life of Yes, I said yes. I love everything about it. It’s like the perfect exercise and meditation rolled into one. Being out back of the waves at sunrise just does something to my soul. I have never found anything so hard to learn and so much fun at the same time!

My passion for everything surfing has only grown since then.



After the Surfing Unicorn was born, I loved the concept so much, I wanted to share it in a way that would benefit my foundation, The Q Foundation. The solution was to merge the Surfing Unicorn design and T-shirts!

The Q Foundation uses 100% of all monies raised in changing the lives of the children in Kaper, Thailand. We do this through supporting their basic needs, education and social welfare. No administration costs are funded by the monies raised.  Every single cent goes directly to helping these kids.

Now the Surfing Unicorn is here for everyone!  Know that all the profits raised here will directly be funding these amazing kids (you can read more about their stories here)